Sintana Energy provides flow test update for Dorados-1X well in Colombia
Tuesday, Jan 08, 2013

TORONTO, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sintana Energy Inc. (TSX-V: SNN) ("Sintana" or the "Company") announces that it has been notified by the Operator of the Talora Block, Petrodorado Energy Ltd. (TSX-V: PDQ) ("Petrodorado" or the "Operator"), that the Dorados-1X exploration well, which commenced drilling operations on July 31, 2012, has completed the previously reported flow test program.  The Company has an undivided 30% private participation interest in the 58,570 acre Talora Block, which is located in Colombia's prolific Magdalena Basin.

The original planned total depth for the well by the Operator was 9,500 feet (MD) with the Cretaceous Caballos and Tetuan (Albian/Aptian) formations being the primary objectives.  While drilling in the Cretaceous Cenomanian section above these objectives, the well encountered a younger and exceptionally thick sand-prone sequence which has never previously been reported in the basin.  This sand-prone section, currently named the "Dorados Sands," was encountered from about 5,160 feet (MD) to below 7,000 feet, or around 1,850 feet thick (gross).  While drilling, this section (5,160 to 6,035 feet) yielded excellent wet gas and oil shows as measured by both Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy.  The Economic basement was reached much higher than the prognosis at 7,282 feet (MD), without seeing the Tetuan or Caballos formations and as such, the partnership decided to terminate drilling operations at this depth on September 29, 2012 with the forward plan to log and then production test the extensive "Dorados Sands."

Due to the deteriorating hole conditions, tool sticking and high levels of mud invasion (7 lost circulation events) it was operationally impossible to run an adequate logging program.  With limited data, however, it was noted that the targeted reservoir section coincides with the highest log resistivities (through casing logs), including zones with fair to good porosities (e.g. 15%).  All these indicators, log resistivities, oil shows, hydrocarbon components (C1 through C9), hydrocarbon ratios, helium and other trace element relationships are all consistent with a thick hydrocarbon column.  In addition, and very importantly, all these indicators terminate abruptly, still within the sand-prone section, at around 6,030 to 6,050 feet (as stated above), forming compelling evidence of a basal Water Contact with a hydrocarbon column above.

In mid-November a program to flow test up to six (6) sandstone intervals was initiated with a completion and testing rig.  Due to significant formation damage which occurred during drilling operations, only a limited amount of additional reservoir data was obtained.  The test results confirm that the sand section is a low-pressure reservoir system and that oil has been emulsified.  Geochemical lab analysis from production tests proved that this emulsion contains viable medium gravity crude oil with 20° API.  This provides incontrovertible evidence regarding the severity of the mud invasion and a valid reason as to why certain sandstone intervals with good porosities did not flow during testing.  It is important to note that these low-pressure reservoirs are common in this part of the Basin, including the 126-million barrel Guando Field located only 40 kilometers to SE of the Dorados-1X well.


The Company is primarily engaged in petroleum and natural gas exploration and development activities in Colombia and Peru. The Company's exploration strategy is to acquire, explore, develop and produce superior quality assets with significant reserve potential. The Company currently holds a 25% interest in the 175,000 acre Bayovar Block XXVII in the Sechura Basin, Peru. The Company's private participation interests in Colombia include 30% in 58,570 acres in the Talora Block and 30% in 272,021 acres in the COR-39 & COR-11 Blocks in the Upper Magdalena Basin. In the Middle Magdalena Basin, it has private participation interests of 100% in the conventional formations, and 30% (carried) in the unconventional formations, in the 43,158 acre VMM-37 Block and 25% (carried) in the 154,909 acre VMM-4 and 59,522 acre VMM-15 Blocks. In the Llanos Basin, the company has a carried 25% private participation interest in the 111,624 acre LLA-18 Block. These interests are subject to all applicable regulatory and governmental approvals, including those of Colombia's National Hydrocarbon Agency (ANH). The Company continues to evaluate a portfolio of exploration opportunities in South America.

SOURCE Sintana Energy Inc.

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