Petrobras announces new well off the coast of Espírito Santo confirms light oil accumulation
Thursday, Jan 10, 2013
Petrobras announces that extension well 3-BRSA-1128-ESS, which aims at delineating the accumulation, has confirmed the presence of light oil and gas in sandstone reservoirs in the Espírito Santo Basin post-salt.

This discovery was first announced on December 17th, 2010, when well 1-BRSA-882-ESS, known as Indra, was drilled.

The new well, informally known as Arjuna, is covered by the 1-BRSA-882-ESS (Indra) Evaluation Plan, and is around 130 km off the coast of Espírito Santo state, and 0.9 km northwest of the discovery well.

The oil reservoirs, approximately 200 meters deep, are located 3,679 meters down, at a water depth of 2,143 meters.

A formation test will be carried out to assess the productivity of the reservoir. As verified in the discovery well, the oil found is of good quality (29º API).

Source: Petrobras

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