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Pars Oil & Gas Company announces recovery rate enhances this year

Monday, Feb 04, 2013

NIOC’s combined planning management official says oil recovery from the country’s oil reservoirs has been enhanced by 0.28 percent over the current year.

Speaking to Shana, Karim Zobaidi said this amount was the first step taken in realization of enhancing recovery rate by one percent over the fifth five-year development plan. He added currently 11 gas injection projects and five water injection projects were going on in south of the country.

Implementation of enhancing recovery projects are done with the aim of modeling, simulation and comprehensive study of reservoirs, Zobaidi said adding by having access to comprehensive data on oil and gas reservoirs and studying behaviors and characteristics of the them, we can deploy the best technique for enhancing oil recovery from each reservoir.

For choosing the best oil recovery technique it is required several issues including the kind of rock, petro physics specifications, depth, reservoir temperature and its pressure, existence of  gas, the level of salinity in the formation of the reservoirs and other issues to be taken into account.

Source: Pars Oil & Gas Company

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