Pars Oil & Gas Company announces Qasemi underlines oil industry achievements
Monday, Feb 04, 2013
Development of oil industry is at the highest level this year when compared with past years, Iranian minister of petroleum, Rostam Qasemi said.

Addressing the 4th Khozestan Province Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals Exhibition, Qasemi said: Development of oil industry is one of our main priorities adding the country witnesses stepping up implementation of the large projects by reliance on domestic capabilities.

Referring to development of shared oil and gas fields, Minister of Petroleum said: Development of these fields is under way from Azar field to Qeshm field from west to south of the country.

Simultaneous operations is under way at 19 phases of South Pars gas field as the most important shared field of the country, amid implementation of development plans at Shazand, Tabriz, Lavan and Isfahan oil refineries that will come to an end before the end of current Iranian calendar year on 20 March 2013, Qasemi noted.

He remarked he was certain that fifth five year development plan targets would realize and daily oil and gas production would hit 5.5 million barrels and 1.4 billion cubic meters respectively at the end of the five year plan in 2015 plus remarkable growth in export of oil products and natural gas. 

Qasemi called holding the exhibition a very important initiative and underlined the necessity of more support of local manufacturers with regard to various qualified equipment they managed to display at  the event.

He also thanked the oil industry staff for production and export of oil and praised efforts made by National Iranian South Oil Company for laying the ground for interaction and close relations with domestic manufacturers as well as valuable breakthroughs in prompting domestically manufacturing.

The 4th Khozestan Province Specialized Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals Exhibition opened today morning in the presence of Minister of Petroleum, Rostam Qasemi, in Ahvaz, capital of the province, south of Iran.

More than 150 oil companies and industrial complexes involving in manufacturing oil industry equipment have participated in the 4-day event.

National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) is in charge of holding the exhibition that aims to promote domestically manufacturing.

Displaying domestic manufacturers’ capabilities, identifying needs of oil companies and boosting cooperation between the two sides are among the other targets of holding the exhibition.

Unveiling of three Iranian made strategic equipment, signing memorandum of understanding with manufacturers and holding specialized meetings with the aim of finding practical solutions to support domestically manufacturing are among the other programs of the exhibition.

Petroleum ministry’s subsidiaries, big manufacturing companies as well as research and scientific centers are also present at the exhibition.

Source: Pars Oil & Gas Company

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