Pars Oil & Gas Company announces first platform of SP phase 12 awaiting installation
Thursday, Nov 15, 2012
The first platform of South Pars gas field phase 12 was transferred to the related offshore site and will be installed in next few days.

The platform with an area of 4410 square meters and 3260 tons of weight departed Khoramshahr Yard 10 days ago but its installations postponed due to bad weather.

Accessories of the platform includes two tripod jackets, two connecting bridge, one middle deck as well as one flare and its platform respectively 1.700, 369, 106 and 185 tons.

Development plan of South Pars gas field phase 12 includes three principle and three satellite platforms.

The second and third platforms of South Pars phase 12 are under construction at Khoramshahr Yard by Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC) and will be carried out to the site of phase 12 for installation with short intervals after installation of the first platform.

South Pars phase 12 is under development with the aim of production of 75 thousand meters of rich gas for delivery to national gas grid and LNG factories. Daily production of 120 thousand barrels of gas condensate and 750 tons of sulfur are among the other aims of developing the phase.

Petropars Company is the main contractor of the project and onshore installations of the phase are located in Tombak, 70 kilometers away from Assaluyeh. The project includes not only development of the Phase 12 and its processing units but also construction of a service pier for the site.

Source: Pars Oil & Gas

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