Oil Search drilling report P’nyang South 1 ST1, PNG
Thursday, Mar 22, 2012

Oil Search reports that as at 06:00 hrs PNG time on 22 March, the P’nyang South 1 ST1 well was at a depth of 1,628 metres and drilling ahead in a 12-¼" hole. Drilling progress for the week was 760 metres.

During the week, the P’nyang South 1 well was plugged back and drilling of a sidetrack, P’nyang South 1 ST1, was initiated.

P’nyang South 1 ST1 is being drilled to constrain the down dip extent of the gas column proved at P’nyang South 1. The well is located four kilometres south-west of the P’nyang 1X gas discovery and approximately 90 kilometres north-west of the Juha gas field.

Source: Oil Search

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