Comet Ridge to manage Mahalo Block work programme for 2018
Friday, Feb 23, 2018
Comet Ridge Limited has executed a second agency agreement with Santos such that, effective immediately, Comet Ridge has been appointed to operate and manage the Mahalo 2018 Joint Venture Exploration Work Programme and Budget in its capacity as agent for and on behalf of Santos as Exploration Operator.

In April 2017 Comet Ridge was appointed as agent for Santos in a similar capacity with responsibility to manage the field subsurface work in respect of the Mahalo 2017 Joint Venture Exploration Work Programme and Budget (2017 Programme). The main field-based components of this work were under-reaming of Mira wells, a new corehole at Humboldt South 1 and a horizontal well through nearly 1km of coal at Mira 6.

With the successful completion of the 2017 Programme, Santos has chosen to re-appoint Comet Ridge to carry on managing the work programme for 2018. Comet Ridge anticipates the work programme and budget will be formally approved next week.

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