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MOC drills the first multilateral well in Iraq

Thursday, Dec 27, 2012

Maysan Oil Company (MOC) finished the drilling of a multilateral well which is the first of its type in Iraq in the Halfaya oil field.

Petrochina Company via the Chinese Bohai Company, finished the drilling of a well in Halfaya oil field 35 kilometers south- east Omara governorate, and the well was in Mushrif reservoir & contain two laterals. And it is worthy to mention that, the technology of the directional & horizontal multilateral drilling is necessary to speed up the drilling process & increase the production as well as reduce the cost of drilling.

Mr. Ali M. Swaydig the Director General of MOC said that the time & cost in the drilling process are necessary to raise the production and noted that the international oil companies started to depend on the new multilateral drilling technology.

At the same time Mr. Swaydig said that the two Chinese companies (Daijen & Bohai) whom work as subcontractors for Petrochina finished the drilling of three wells which will be connected soon to the production system after the completion in addition to 6 wells that are being drilled.

The Chinese company whom took the contract of Halfaya field rehabilitation in the second licensing round accomplished 32 wells since 2012, in addition to the rehabilitation of 6 wells. And the staffs of MOC are working with the foreign companies to overcome the difficulties & solve the problems to speed up the work.

It is worthy to mention that Halfaya oil field produces about 110 thousand BPD, 106 thousands of them are exported via Basra ports and expected to be 535 thousand BPD in addition to big quantities of gas in 2017 after the completion of the contract items.

And Halfaya is one of the big oil fields that contain 8 explored reservoirs related to MOC which contains 16 billion barrels of reserve, 4 billions of them are extractable and the first drilled well in the field was in 1976.

Source: Maysan Oil Company

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