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Matrix wins contract to develop Operations Electronic HSE Case Framework for Agip KCO Kashagan Field
Thursday, Sep 16, 2010

Matrix the specialist software solutions provider, has confirmed that it has been awarded a contract to develop the framework for the Agip KCO Operations Electronic HSE Case for the Kashagan Field Development including a major accident hazard (MAH) management function and its component HSE case and modules.

The framework will cover both onshore and offshore facilities and pipelines and will be in the form of a web-based application.

The components specific to the framework will include an Electronic HSE Case and a MAH Management system that will integrate an HSE Critical Actions Tracking system, an HSE management system and a Standards Comparison database.

Work on the project is underway and is scheduled for completion in February 2011.

This award continues a long history of collaboration and successful project development by Matrix on Agip KCO operations in Kazakhstan.


Wilf Luck, Managing Director of Matrix said, “This is a significant award for Matrix and demonstrates the confidence Agip has in our safety case software following the successful roll-out of the Utilities HSE Case for Agip KCO Operations in Kazakhstan.”

Agip KCO N.V. is an Eni S.p.A. subsidiary that performs operations under the North Caspian Sea Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) dated as of 1997 under an agency agreement with North Caspian Operating Company B.V. Agip KCO N.V. is responsible for the execution of Phase I (experimental program) of Kashagan offshore oil field development including achieving first commercial production, complying with the strictest international standards for safety and environmental responsibility. In addition, Agip KCO N.V. is responsible for the project execution for the onshore facilities of Phase II of the Kashagan development.

The Kashagan field is the largest oilfield discovered in the North Caspian Sea PSA contract area. It is considered to be the most important oil discovery worldwide since the Prudhoe Bay in Alaska’s North Slope in 1968.

Kashagan extends over a surface of approximately 75 x 45 km and is named after a 19th century Kazakh poet from Aktau.

Kashagan’s development represents a complex combination of coordinated offshore and onshore activities, including survey, construction and commissioning, drilling logistics, development and production.


Source: Matrix Management Systems

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