Drillsearch Energy Limited announces monthly drilling and operations report
Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013

Field development work in the Bauer Oil Field Complex is ongoing with the completion of hydro-testing and connection of the Bauer-5 through 8 flowlines. The construction of the Bauer to Lycium pipeline, with a total of 47km of pipe was also completed. Additional tie-in and pumping facilities are expected to be completed in April 2013.

Commissioning of the Hanson Facility is also underway. Tibor-1, the second exploration permit commitment well to be drilled in the Inland-Cook Oil Fairway, spudded on 7 February 2013 in ATP 539P. The primary targets of the Tibor-1 well were the Hutton Sandstone and sands of the Birkhead Formation; however, no hydrocarbon shows were encountered over these intervals, with only the secondary target Adori Sandstone having minor hydrocarbon shows. The well was plugged and abandoned after drilling to a total depth of 1,723 metres. The Ensign Rig 918 was released on 23 February 2013.

Source: Drillsearch Energy Limited

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