Delek Group announces extension of the tender for acquisition of rights of E&P of Oil and / or Gas in Cyprus
Thursday, Nov 15, 2012
Further to the filing of a bid by the partnerships in a consortium in the scope of the published tender by the Cypriot government to acquire exploration rights and production of oil and / or natural gas rights in the territorial waters of Cyprus (the "Offer"), the Delek Group Gas Partnerships announced that as of the date of this report, the consortium members were not invited to participate in negotiations on the Offer which was submitted. However, the consortium received a letter from the Minister of Trade Industry and Tourism of Cyprus (the minister responsible for energy issues in Cyprus), according to which the validity of the Offer was extended until May 26, 2013 ("Extension Request"). The partners of the consortium intend to accept the extension request.

Members of the consortium and their holdings stake are: Woodside Energy Holdings Pty Ltd. (30%), Edison International S.p.A. (30%), Enel Trade S.p.A. (15%), Delek Drilling, LP (12.5%) and Avner Oil & Exploration, LP (12.5%).

Source: Delek Group

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