Bakken Briefing and Field Tour provide participants greater understanding and firsthand experience of North Dakota's oil boom
Friday, Feb 01, 2013

WILLISTON, N.D., Jan. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyone wants to know what is going on in Western North Dakota. The number one question asked is "How long is this going to last?" The Bakken Briefing and Field Tour provide the information you need to answer that question for yourself.

It has often been said about the Bakken, "You can read all about it, but until you experience it firsthand, you can't quite comprehend it."  The Bakken Field Tour is the best way to experience the Bakken firsthand. The tour is preceded by the Bakken Briefing providing you a broad overview and enough detail in key areas to understand the area, the industry and the economic environment. On the tour, you will see and feel the sheer volume and velocity of activity as well as key infrastructure and development throughout the Williston Basin.

SOURCE Dawa Solutions Group, LLC

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