AWE’s Evandra-2 drilling update
Thursday, Apr 12, 2012

AWE Limited reports that at 0600 hours today the Evandra-2 well was drilling ahead in 6” hole at a measured depth of 1,899 metres. During the week, the Evandra-1 well was successfully abandoned and the Evandra-2 side-track successfully drilled out of casing at a depth of 1,800 metres. Progress for the week was 99 metres.

Evandra -2 in Production License L1, onshore Perth Basin, is being drilled as a sidetrack from the existing Evandra-1 wellbore and is designed to test the oil potential of the Dongara reservoir over the Evandra  structure. Evandra-1, drilled in 2005 did not intersect the Dongara reservoir, which is interpreted to be faulted out at the well location.

However, Evandra-1 did encounter an oil column in the underlying tight

Wagina Sandstone which tested oil at low production rates.

Additional prospectivity has been identified in close proximity to the side-track location.

This prospectivity is also dependent on the presence of Dongara reservoir in the area.

AWE Limited (via subsidiaries) is sole-risking the side-tracking operation and will fund 100% of the work program.

Source: AWE

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