Agency deal aims to catapult Dantec into USA market
Thursday, Oct 18, 2012

Wirral based composite hose manufacturer Dantec is targeting the USA with a fresh transatlantic campaign after signing a major deal with Texas agency True North Works.

Dantec hoses are used for petrochemical, marine and industrial applications to transfer petrol, oil products, chemicals and liquefied gases.

The firm exports to more than 50 countries worldwide with international deals accounting for 70pc of all sales.

Dantec Managing director John Laidlaw said the latest deal has great significance with the USA representing one of the biggest global markets for the firm’s products.

“The partnership with True North represents a huge leap forward for Dantec,” he said. “We have invested great energy into finding a high calibre agency to propel the Dantec brand across the American market. The new MBO team which took over the firm in 2011 has great energy and ambition to expand our global reach. This partnership will play a crucial role in our fresh strategy aimed at driving growth, profile and reputation across the USA.There are more than 800 fuel storage terminals in America compared to around 650 in the whole of the EU. Despite being a mature market it is dominated by weaker products. This presents a terrific opportunity for Dantec.  We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality composite hoses in the World combined with more than 40 years of manufacturing and technical excellence. This is the message we will communicate to boost our market share.”

Dantec will be focusing its stateside sales drive on its FIRESAFE hose. The product which was used in Formula One racing for 15 years can resist fire and temperatures up to 1,200°C.

“There is currently nothing like the FIRESAFE hose in the US market,” said Mr Laidlaw. “It has been designed to provide the ultimate safeguard for hazardous and flammable liquids. A key benefit is its ability to protect contents and withstand fire attack for more than 30 minutes. It will instantly become the safest product in the American market. In the composite hose sector we frequently deliver solutions for hazardous environments. Safety is of paramount importance. A high quality product will not only perform better and last longer, but will critically safeguard people and assets.”

Bill Thompson, CEO of Houston based True North Works said the firm is enthused by the prospect of introducing the Dantec brand to new markets. “I am looking forward to working with John Laidlaw and the Dantec team to promote sales of their fantastic product here in the States,” he said. “With Dantec’s excellent safety record and after sales care, I am confident its composite hoses will take off here.”


Source: Dantec

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