AFL recipient of three patents for new technologies
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012
Four AFL associates were recognized for receiving patent awards for their work developing new products and technologies.

Brian Herbst, director of specialty cables, received a patent for breathable down hole fiber optic cable. Used in the oil and gas industry, this cable has an outer protective tube which itself has a plurality of optical fibers contained therein. At least one annulus is positioned between the outer protective tube and the fiber optic tube; and at least one path extends through the length of the fiber optic cable, providing a channel for a purge gas to flow for removing a second gas, such as hydrogen, from the fiber optic cable.

Ted Lichoulas, R&D engineering manager, and Eddie Kimbrell, senior designer, received a patent for a removable two-piece wall plate assembly for telecommunications devices. Installed on apartments, condominiums and other multi-dwelling units (MDUs), this assembly provides a multi-piece cover plate, which is connected to the inbound twisted pair phone line, and a modular device assembly. Electronic components within the wall plate filter the inbound signal, separating the VDSL signal which provides voice, data and video service, from the POTS signal and line noise.

Wayne Quesnel, development design engineer for AFL’s conductor accessories division, received a patent for a wedge dead end that supports optical ground wire, a fiber optic cable primarily used by the electric utility industry, placed in the topmost position of a transmission line where it shields conductors from lightning while providing a telecommunications path for internal as well as their party communications. The wedge dead end includes a single assembled frame comprising two plates. Two wedges between the plates grip a cable in between and a cam/bail retainer aligns the wedges precisely. This patented device saves time and money for installers.

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Source: AFL

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