Aberdeen geology company joins race to win unconventional prize
Friday, Nov 09, 2012
Aberdeen-based HRH Geology is driving forward its ambition to be at the forefront of innovation in the unconventional gas market. It has successfully completed a number of operations, both on and offshore across North West Europe with the Spectra service that demonstrates value in both conventional and unconventional plays.

The company, which has worked in the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years, has recently demonstrated that its suite of analysis and
visualisation tools can be used in exploiting unconventional gas resources
in the UK and worldwide.

The Spectra service, offers near real-time data acquisition using a mass
spectrometer, no bigger than a suitcase, and leading edge technology to analyse gas vapour from drilling fluids. Developing the service successfully in the conventional setting, has readied Spectra for deployment into the unconventional market, in combination with the company's own proven unconventional geological database and visualisation software 'Gravitas'. Spectra will give reservoir engineers and analysts efficient and precise information whilst lowering costs by reducing coring frequency.

David Scott from HRH Geology is the Program Manager - Advanced Gas Services. He said today's technologies must meet the demands of tomorrow. "At HRH Geology we are working with our clients to create solutions to their challenges. The step change from conventional to nconventional technology s not as huge as first thought and with its heritage in oil and gas, the UK s well placed to lead that transition."

The company will be speaking at the second Unconventional Gas conference which is taking place at the AECC in Aberdeen on the 27 and 28 November. It will highlight the issues facing the industry and offer direct access to global decision makers and leaders in the field.

ITF, the global technology facilitator, is urging more collaboration between oil and gas operators and technology developers. Technology Director, Keith Mackie said there is a growing appetite from its members to advance in this field. "The UK energy industry boasts a long history of pioneering projects and innovators. However, commercialising technology in this market is costly and time-consuming; an average of 16 years passes from concept to widespread commercial adoption. Therefore, successes as well as failures must be shared to ensure that the bridge between political, economic and public concerns are addressed and rectified. The Unconventional Gas Conference is a huge step forward in that journey."

David Scott, from HRH Geology, added: "As concerns over energy supply grow, innovators and technology developers must be at the forefront of this industry to ensure that new developments are safe, environmentally sensitive and as efficient as possible. Competition to assist operators in their challenge to extend recovery is high, but we are confident HRH Geology is heading in the right direction."

International oil and gas companies, governments and leading academics will also gather to give their views on the global potential of shale and tight gas and CBM at the conference. David Chenier, President, UK for
ConocoPhillips will give a keynote speech at the two day event which is expected to draw an international audience who will also hear from operators such as Chevron, Instinct Energy and Dart Energy on their portfolios.

Source: Aberdeen

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